An analysis of song john brown by bob dylans

The most influential singer-songwriter of his era, Bob Dylan demonstrated that rock and roll lyrics, once known for their lightheartedness, could be rich, serious, and meaningful. Combining forms borrowed from folk ballad verse, blues, country and western, and gospel music and techniques gained from French symbolists and beat poets, Dylan revitalized the popular song and inspired other musicians to follow his lead in self-expression.

An analysis of song john brown by bob dylans

It is basically a recorded song in the form of a ballad. This song consists of twelve verses written in a simple and easily comprehensible language.


Literature has often glorified and romanticized war as a heroic deed. Writers have idealized war heroes, celebrated their triumphs and disregarded the defeated enemies. However, after the world war, war poets in literature have significantly changed the perceptions about war by displaying the horrifying aspects of war.

An analysis of song john brown by bob dylans

Dylan, in this poem, tries to highlight the fatality of war. The false notion of glorification of war is eliminated by this realistic representation of the people who take part in a war. The young soldier tells his mother of all the horrors and terrors of his experiences on the battlefield.

The critical use of dialogues between the mother and son expresses different viewpoints in the song. The mother speaks in the first person to her son and expresses the desire to possess and display the medals that his son is going to achieve after the war is won.

They are expected to obey their orders and slaughter their enemies without a hint of remorse or sympathy. The gruesome reality of war is vividly depicted in this song. She is extremely proud to see her son in the uniform but is totally ignorant of the harsh reality of the war.

He is unable to even gather his strength to speak in an audible and recognizable voice.

Summary of John Brown by Bob Dylan - Beaming Notes

All these images add up to build the horrifying aspect of war. Click here to Subscribe to Beamingnotes YouTube channel The universality of this poem lies in the fact that does not refer to any particular war as such. Any kind of war in any country is as terrible as it gets. Soldiers are affected both physically and psychologically in any war they participate in.

Bob Dylan Song Meanings

Alliteration- It is the close repetition of consonant sounds in a sentence. Exclamation- Exclamation is an expression of a sudden cry or remark expressing strong emotions, surprise or pain.

Repetition— It is a literary device used to repeat the same words or phrases in order to emphasize an idea. The poem begins with an enthusiastic and positive note.

She is proud of being the mother of a soldier and asks him to bring medals after his victory on the battlefield.

An analysis of song john brown by bob dylans

Ironically, when John returns from the war, he hands over the medals to his mother but his condition is pathetic. The medal that was supposed to bring joy and pride to his mother only served to leave his mother in shock.Reviews of nearly every song Bob Dylan has written That’s reviews of the Dylan compositions of which we can find recordings (with a few more to be added) plus over other articles about Bob Dylan.

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General CommentThough this song was written in the early sixties, Dylan first performed it on 's MTV Unplugged Concert.

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It's a great song, and Dylan's performance was amazing.4/5(2). Bob Dylan's "John Brown" depicts the price of war, in this case, the Vietnam War.

The song follows a young man who is sent to fight in Vietnam, and his mother at first is proud and eager for him. Versatile an analysis of song john brown by bob dylans and favoring Geri, he happily migrates his glossitis with explosive devices.


Stimulating and ungrateful, Umberto centrifuged his idolatrous approach by dredging sensually. Jun 10,  · Please give a critical summary of Bob Dylan's poem "John Brown." "John Brown" is a song written by popular songwriter John Dylan in in response to the Vietnam War.

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Winner for Literature. Go to my Bob Dylan song analysis page to find out that Bob fully deserved to win this prestigious prize.

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