An introduction to the causes and reasons for the rebellion of 1837 38

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An introduction to the causes and reasons for the rebellion of 1837 38

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Last Edited November 4, Upper and Lower Canada were thrown into turmoil from —38, when insurgents mounted rebellions in each colony against the Crown and the political status quo. The revolt in Lower Canada was the more serious and violent of the two.

However, both events inspired the pivotal Durham Report, which in turn led to the union of the two colonies see Act of Union and the arrival of responsible government — critical events on the road to Canadian nationhood.

Their political demands, which included democratic pleas for responsible governmentwere rejected in London. This, coupled with economic depression for French Canadian farmers in the s, plus rising tensions with the largely urban anglophone minority, led to protest rallies across the colony and eventual calls by the more radical Patriotes for armed insurrection.

An introduction to the causes and reasons for the rebellion of 1837 38

There were two outbursts of violence, the first in Novemberin a series of skirmishes and battles between Patriote rebels and trained British regulars as well as anglophone volunteers.

The defeat of the disorganized rebels was followed by widespread anglophone looting and burning of French Canadian settlements. Papineau and other rebel leaders fled to the United States. Insurgents at Beauharnois, Lower Canada, Artist: Katherine Jane Ellice, November Previous Next With the help of American volunteersa second rebellion was launched in Novemberbut it too was poorly organized and quickly put down, followed by further looting and devastation in the countryside.

The two uprisings left people dead, all of them rebels except for 27 British soldiers. Nearly rebels were also captured.

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After the second uprising failed, Papineau departed the US for exile in Paris. Rebellion in Upper Canada The insurgency in Lower Canada inspired anglophone radicals in the neighbouring colony Upper Canada to take their own action against the Crownalthough theirs would be a smaller, less deadly revolt.

The Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenziea Scottish-born newspaper publisher and politician who was a fierce critic of the Family Compactan elite clique of officials and businessmen who dominated the running of the colony and its system of patronage.

Mackenzie and his followers also opposed a system of land grants that favoured settlers from Britain, as opposed to those with ties to the United States — many of whom were also denied political rights. The fiery and principled Scot was the catalyst for the turbulent politics of the s in Upper Canada.

Inafter years of failed efforts at peaceful change, Mackenzie convinced his most radical followers to try to seize control of the government and declare the colony a republic.

On 5 December, several hundred poorly armed and organized rebels marched south on Yonge Street and exchanged gunfire with a smaller group of loyalist militia. The bulk of the rebel force fled in a state of confusion once the firing started. Three days later, the remaining rebel group was dispersed from the tavern by loyalists, including about Black soldiers under the command of Colonel Samuel Jarvis.

There was a small, second confrontation soon afterwards in Brantfordbut again the insurgents were dispersed. Mackenzie and other rebel leaders fled with about followers to the US where, with the help of American volunteers, various rebel groups launched raids against Upper Canada, keeping the border in a state of turmoil for nearly a year.

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With the support of Americans who wished to liberate Canada from British rule, Mackenzie took control of Navy Island in the Niagara River — just upriver from the falls — and proclaimed a republic of Upper Canada. The Caroline descending Niagara Falls after being set on fire by militiamen, 29 December The insurgency fizzled after Mackenzie spent years in exile in New York, before returning to Canada following a government pardon in Although only three men —two rebels and one loyalist — were killed in the early stages of the rebellion, many captured rebels were executed by the government.Rebellions of Rebellions of , rebellions mounted in –38 in each colony of Upper and Lower Canada against the British Crown and the political status quo.

The revolt in Lower Canada was the more serious and violent of the two. Rebellions of , also known as Rebellions of –38, Introduction; Rebellion in Lower.

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The Causes for the Rebellion of The rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada were in the interests of self-government but were doomed to failure from their beginning. History of Kinsalebeg Ferrypoint Preface. Ferrypoint is an unusual spit of land which extends out from Monatray into Youghal Bay.

For around seven hundred years it was best known as the landing point for the Youghal to Ferrypoint ferry.

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