Analysis of school ties

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Analysis of school ties

Students at a public secondary college in Canberra believe they have generated enough interest to save their Indonesian language program following concerns the subject might be dropped next year.

The decision was made due to low numbers of students enrolled in the subject There will only be two colleges in Canberra offering Bahasa Indonesia as of next year The PM pledged to develop closer ties with Indonesia during his recent trip to Jakarta Narrabundah College is currently conducting a feasibility study into whether to keep the school's Indonesian language program, despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison's recent pledge to strengthen ties with one of the country's closest neighbours.

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The school has been teaching its students Bahasa Indonesia — the Indonesian name for the language — for more than 40 years. The petition has gained 5, signatures since last weekend. If Narrabundah had discontinued its course, as of next year, there would be only two colleges that offer students the option to study Bahasa Indonesia across the territory.

Last Saturday, one of the students at the college launched a petition which said the decision would be "unfair" and that the school should "remain committed to prioritising education over [the] economics".

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The petition has already accumulated more than 5, signatures and gained international momentum. Aidan Brooke, who started the petition, told the ABC that taking away the class would have "a domino effect and potentially reach the point of the language being dead".

He added that the move would be counterintuitive and could take away the opportunity for future students to learn another second language. Lukas Coch An analyst said any move to cancel the Indonesian language program would contradict the Government's commitment to strengthen ties and prioritise the teaching of Asian languages in schools.SUMMARY This paper presents a micro level analysis of data from the Box Hill Nursery Project, an ethnolinguistic study carried out in the north-east of England (Thompson, & ), into the language and social behaviour of a group of eight children, four girls and four boys, during their first term in a nursery school, during the period of their enculturation into formal education.

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Networks and Religion: Ties that Bind, Loose, Build Up, and Tear Down Sean F. Everton Co-Director, CORE Lab, Defense Analysis Department, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA. Introduction to social network methods.

1. Social network data. Modality and levels of analysis. There may even be patterns of ties among school districts (say by the exchange of students, teachers, curricular materials, etc.). Sep 18,  · And I remembered Bob when I was watching "School Ties," a movie about a Jewish kid from Scranton who gets a scholarship to a WASP prep school in New England.

He's a senior when he goes there. He's been recruited because he is a terrific quarterback, and the school alumni want a winning season so bad they'll do anything 3/5.

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Las Vegas teachers, fed up with how their dues are being spent, voted overwhelmingly late Wednesday to cut all ties with their state and national parent unions. The vote by the members of the Clark County Education Association, which represents almost 20, teachers in the Las Vegas area, is a.

David Greene (Brendan Fraser) is a working-class Jewish teenager from Scranton, Pennsylvania during the s, who is given an unusual football scholarship to become the school's starting quarterback at an exclusive Massachusetts protestant prep school, St.

Analysis of school ties

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