Baptist churches essay

I enjoyed the way service was set up. First there was a simple worship portion and the worship leader read a passage, and then the pastor spoke about the passage and opened up the floor for everyone to ask questions, add commentary, clarify biblical passages and anything else the congregation needed in regards to that sermon. I never heard of a church doing this, I often have questions in sermons but no way to get answers, I really appreciated how Pastor Priest Phil DeVaul wanted to listen to us and how willing he was to answers questions. A time of prayer, the Eucharist and a closing blessing over the church was how the service ended.

Baptist churches essay

If there be any benefits springing from Infant Baptism, the children of Baptists miss them. If Infant Baptism is necessary to the salvation of children, then the children of Baptists are lost.

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The motive of the Baptists in refusing Baptist churches essay to children is no secret. They hardly consider it necessary to say it is from no want of kindness or religious solicitude for their children.

They expect many things to be said against them, and are ready to bear them, but can not believe that their worst enemies will seriously deny that they love their children and are concerned for their highest religious safety. Nor does their refusal arise from an unwillingness to consecrate their children to the Lord.

This, every sincere and intelligent Baptist does. Nor is it from any desire to be eccentric or singular; but a deep conviction of duty which they cannot but regard. With some this is nothing.

They follow priests, creeds, and churches. But to the Baptists, the Bible is the end of controversy.

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They confess its authority as supreme, and accept nothing as religious duty except that which it teaches. They do not find that it teaches Infant Baptism. But some say that the Bible does teach it. Dreamy fancies that it is taught somewhere in the Word of God are worth nothing.

Give the chapter and the verse where, by law or example if taught. If your child's salvation depended on a passage in the Scriptures that taught this doctrine, which would you select? Jesus Did Not Practice It True, certain passages or incidents in the Bible are presented in support of Infant Baptism, but even the friends of the doctrine differ widely concerning them.

Without attempting to notice all these texts, I will, as a matter of justice, select for notice those which are considered the strongest. Perhaps the most popular proof passage is found in Mark This is to many a tower of strength - a refuge in weakness, and quoted on all occasions.

What are the facts? Little children are brought to the Saviour and he takes them in his arms and blesses them. The surprise and displeasure of the disciples at the presentation of these children to Christ plainly indicated that the practice of Infant Baptism was not known to them.

Baptist churches essay

It was certainly a capital opportunity for instituting such an ordinance and explaining its object; but nothing of the kind was done. The silence of Jesus on the subject is itself a significant argument against it.

The fact that he said nothing about Infant Baptism, and did something quite different from it, turns this passage into a strong proof-test against the practice. It is claimed that if whole families were baptized, there must have been children among them. First in the list is the family of Crispus.

Paul baptized that household.

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It is enough to say that it is expressly declared that Crispus "believed in the Lord with all his house," Acts Next is the house of Stephanas, I Cor. Here Paul simply speaks of it as the baptism of a household. Must there not have been infants? Not unless it can be shown that there are no households without infants.

But observe that in I Cor. Next is the household of the Philippian jailer.

Baptist churches essay

In reading the account, you observe that they spake the word of the Lord to all that were in the house of the jailer - that the jailer rejoiced, believed in God with all his house.Mar 09,  · Charmaine Pruitt attending service at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Worth in January.

the alt-right at the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. screen advertised an essay.

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The HBCU Council of Shiloh Baptist Church As a reminder, your application is considered complete when we receive: (1) the following form completely filled out, (2) two Letters of Recommendation, (3) your Official High School transcript, and (4) Essay.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church met in a called business meeting on November The item on the agenda was the consideration of a recommendation brought by the Trustee Board and the Board of Deacons that you would be extended a call to Ebenezer Baptist Church as active Co Pastor.

Jun 20,  · North Point Baptist Church North Point Baptist Church is a body of baptized believers who comprise a Bible Believing, Christ-honoring, loving, praying New Testament local church with Jesus Christ as our head and the Word of God as our final authority.

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