Being a good father

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Being a good father

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As hard as he had tried to be a good father, every time he thought about his wayward year-old son, he wondered if he could have been a better parent.

In contrast, Terry, who lives in Spain, seems to have succeeded as a father. His son, Andrew, says: He made learning fun. But there are basic principles that can help. Many fathers have found that they and their families benefit when they follow the wisdom found in the Bible.

Make Time for Your Family As a father, how do you show your children that they are important to you? Surely there are many things you do for your children, including the sacrifices you make to feed them and provide them with an adequate home.

Being a good father

You would not do such things if your children were not important to you. Yet, if you do not spend significant amounts of time with your children, they might conclude that you care more for other things, such as your job, your friends, or your hobbies, than you do for them.

When should a father begin to spend time with his children? A mother begins to form a bond with her child while it is still in the womb.

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Some 16 weeks after conception, an unborn baby might begin to hear. At this stage a father too can start to build his unique relationship with his unborn child. In Bible times men were personally involved in the education of their children. Good Fathers Are Good Communicators Listen calmly without being judgmental In order to communicate effectively with your children, you must be a careful listener.

You need to cultivate the ability to listen without overreacting.

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If your children think that you will lose your temper quickly and be judgmental, they will have little incentive to express their inner feelings to you. But if you listen to them calmly, you will show that you are genuinely interested in them. They will in turn be far more likely to share their precious thoughts and feelings with you.

The practical wisdom found in the Bible has proved to be beneficial in many aspects of daily life. For instance, the Bible says: Give Loving Discipline and Commendation Even when you feel frustrated or angry, the discipline you administer should be an expression of loving concern for the long-term welfare of your child.

It includes advice, correction, education, and chastisement when needed.

Being a good father

Furthermore, discipline is much more effective when a father commends his children regularly. An ancient proverb says: Children blossom when they are acknowledged and appreciated.

A father who looks for opportunities to give commendation will help to build confidence in his children and motivate them not to give up trying to do what is right.Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Uzumaki clan. He became the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails on the day of his birth — a fate that caused him to be shunned by most of Konoha throughout his childhood.

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