Continuous writing about time

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Continuous writing about time

One of the high points in the policy instrument was the emphasis laid on continuous assessment in the various levels of education and programmes. Continuous assessment was introduced in schools following the adoption of system of education.

The intention was to make assessment of the leaner more reliable, valid, objective and comprehensive. Since the emphasis is now on the totality of learning, it becomes necessary to evolve and use an assessment system that will consider all aspects of teaching.

Before continuous assessment was introduced in secondary school, the old system of assessment was summative, that is examination was done only at the end of the term work.

Infact, in some cases, students were not examined continuous writing about time what they have been taught until the end of the year. Also, the summative system of assessment only made use of class test, while take home assignments, class assignment and project were hardly used in assessing a learner.

In the old system, only the cognitive domain was assessed, that is only the intellectual ability was examined. The affective domain, interest attitude, feeling emotions of the learners were ignored in the assessment. Also, the psychomotor domain was not considered. An effective continuous assessment procedure reduces such incidence as do or die affair.

Oweing to the fact that assessment is summative, learners are tempted doing everything within their reach to ensure their promotion to the next class thereby increasing the rate of exam malpractice.

Continuous assessment emphaizes more on comprehensive information on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor measures of an individual if well implemented. This will also make learning more meaningful to the children and essential for independent living and meaningful contribution of effective life of the society.

continuous writing about time

The old system of assessment was single and teachers then never encouraged the implementation of continuous assessment because to them, it is burdensome and time consuming. Also there is the problem of unqualified personnel to implement and operate the continuous assessment method.

Judging from general comment from parent and society, it is apparent that the continuous assessment system of education has some factors effecting its implementation and most especially secondary schools in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Therefore, this negative impression on the new system of education has induced the researcher to investigate the factors inhibiting the implementation of continuous assessment in secondary schools in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Statement of the problem. Although the system of education emphasized the use of continuous assessment techniques in evaluating students progress in schools, this is rather ignored and considered a mere theory in some schools because some teachers do not want the implementation of continuous assessment due to the fact that it is burdensome and time consuming.

Secondly, the problem is that proper record on continuous assessment is not kept by teachers and schools and the one that is provided is usually not comprehensive. The fact that continuous assessment is the basis for the certification in both junior and senior secondary schools nation wide N P E ; and that teachers fail to keep this vital record properly and some teacher keep this record poorly.

Therefore, this study tend to investigate the inhibiting factors in the implementation of continuous assessment in secondary schools in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.12 hours ago · Continuous writing narrative essay.

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continuous writing about time

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