Epic hero analysis

Hire Writer Not only does an epic hero have to be involved in a poem with supernatural characters, but a poem with a setting vast in scope that involves more than one nation. Odysseus tells the Phaeacians the tale of his wanderings in the beginning of book nine:

Epic hero analysis

Odysseus and Gilgamesh believe in more than one god, Beowulf believes in one, yet all three of them are heroes who lead their people. The first paragraph of the discussion of heroes belongs to Odysseus.

Odysseus leads his home of Ithaca in peace and harmony. He fathers a son named Telemachus and lives, at least for a while, in paradise. However, shortly after the birth of Telemachus he is called to war in Troy.

He must Epic hero analysis his son and his beloved wife Penelope and sail off to fight a war in a foreign land.

During the next nine years Odysseus would fight for his people and in the end he would win. However, for the next ten years he would struggle to get home for his family.

Epic hero analysis

In the end he does return home to his cherished family. Next up we have Gilgamesh to analyze. Gilgamesh tyrannically terrorizes the people of Uruk over which he rules.

So, this guy oppresses his people into fearful prayer, yet through those prayers a savior comes to the occupants of Uruk.

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Enkidu ends up being friends with Gilgamesh and they purge the land of several evils. Eventually Enkidu dies and strikes fear into the heart of Gilgamesh. Despair is in my heart. What my brother is now that shall I be when I am dead. Because I am afraid of death I will go as best I can to find Utnapishtim whom they call the faraway, for he has entered the assembly of the gods.

The selfishness of this man to think that he deserves to be immortal. He eventually fails in his quest and dies. Beowulf also ranks among the above listed heroes. Beowulf and the people of his time believed in only one god. Beowulf glorifies his name with several heroic deeds.

One of these required him to sail to a foreign land to battle a monster. He went on this adventure for the fame and for the glory. And I shall fulfill that purpose, or meet my death in the mead-hall. He successfully wins the treasure and the fame and ends up being a king.

Epic hero analysis

As a king he leads his people peacefully because everyone fears him. In the end Beowulf was killed by a dragon whilst fighting for treasure.The greatest warrior in the Achaian army.

The Iliad is about the Trojan War, but it is primarily about the war as it is affected by Achilles' wrath, or iridis-photo-restoration.comes is the main character, and his inaction, or withdrawal from the fighting, is crucial to the plot. Epic Hero Essay Examples.

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Honors English 9 Epic Hero Analysis What does it take to be an epic hero? To be an epic hero you are required to have five specific qualities.

These consist of being human-like, being a confident and courageous solider, nobility, and being in a poem containing supernatural beings that has setting is . In Beowulf, the character of Beowulf is considered an epic hero. This quiz will ask you about Beowulf's characteristics and how they support the traits of an epic hero.

Beowulf shows another trait of an epic hero during the idea of lasting reputation. The traits of enduring fame came about when Beowulf slaughters Grendel, The Troll Wife, and the Dragon. Following the killing of Grendel and The Troll Wife Beowulf is looked upon as a hero by numerous Thanes.

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