Error attempt to write a readonly database svn add

I have been using 5 RPis as a camera with motion detection and post-processing.

Error attempt to write a readonly database svn add

The gotcha is that explicitly specified directories do not inherit from their parents. Or would I have to create an account in the passwords file called "anonymous" with a blank password or something to make this happen?

August 27, at 9: You can see that in the snippet of the AuthZ access file line 5. Access is read-only, but no need to authenticate with dummy credentials. However, if you try to perform a write operation e. Nic Cottrell August 27, at I assumed that apache would authenticate against that file first before passing the request onto modsvn to check the per-directory authentication.

August 27, at 1: Apache does all the authentication, and it CAN do authorization as well. TheElitist September 2, at 7: Regards, TheElitist March 16, at 7: Require SSL connection for password protection. Please assit me March 17, at As soon as you attempt to write to the repo, you should be prompted for credentials, but reading will happen without them.

Santhosh March 18, at 8: I do not know why it is. Except this machine I tried from all other, it is working fine. While configuring for test purpose I used this particular machine as client, I had set ssl that time. I am not sure of the route cause of this.

Now I want to configure SVN as follows. I have two svn server, if I am commiting from! Is there any chance to execute this. If Yes, please assist me by telling how?

Thanks for the reply… Waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot Barneyb…………….Iam trying to use the svn on ubuntu,In the process of creating a test repository,i got the following errors [email protected]:/test$ svn cleanup svn: E sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database svn: E Additional errors: svn: E sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database plz help me, – Meena.

Perhaps you must to look at Preferences->General->Network Connections.

error attempt to write a readonly database svn add

And to make sure that svn server is available. with the wc sqlite database" msgstr "Irgendetwas ist mit der sqlite-Datenbank der include/svn_error_codes.h msgid "Attempt to remove or recreate fs root dir" msgstr include/svn_error_codes.h Using my Django app, I'm able to read from the database just fine.

When the application didn't have permission to access the file, it gave me this error: attempt to write a readonly database Wh. Jun 11,  · It possible that svn has got confused about the status of the repository at some stage. You could consider using svn's "cleanup" function, or "unlock" (perhaps with the --force) option from the command line.

Sep 10,  · SQlite problems: attempt to write a readonly database Hello, I was running TorrentFlux with apache and mysql, but this was eating up far too many resoruces, so I decided to migrate to lighttpd and sSQlite.

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