Essays on carrie by stephen king

He is, first, a phenomenally successful commercial writer: His novels and short stories, in both hardcover and paperback editions, have sold many millions of copies; each new work he writes is virtually assured of best-seller status; and films, teleplays, and other spinoffs from his stories have made his name nearly an ironclad guarantee of profitability. The vehicle he uses is often—but by no means always—the horror novel, and the question he most often addresses is that of the nature of evil.

Essays on carrie by stephen king

In the time it took for you to look at this picture, he wrote a page novel. The currently dominant author of the horror genre although he prefers not to pigeonhole himself in such a mannerStephen Edwin King born September 21, has added much to its stock of tropes.

Many of his works reference each other, building up a larger universe. He's known for being ludicrously prolific while producing far better writing than most people who pump out stories at his rate, and better even than many writers who take a lot longer about it, for that matter.

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The start of the Maine native's career is a classic Rags to Riches scenario. While working as a high school teacher and selling short stories on the side, King and his family struggled to make ends meet, with King even choosing to have his phone disconnected to save money.

He had written several novels but sold none, then began to write a story about a telekinetic teenage girl that would eventually become Carrie.

Ironically, King threw the first few pages the shower scene out at first, thinking that he couldn't realistically write a teenage girl. His wife Tabitha found the pages in the garbage and read them, then convinced King that he was on to something and to finish the novel, saying that she wanted "to know what happens.

King's success did not come without hardship.

Essays on carrie by stephen king

During the '80s, he fell into severe drug and alcohol abuse, to the point that he claims to have almost no memory of writing Cujo.

He eventually got sober and has remained so ever since, and has incorporated the experience into many of his novels since then. Many of his books have been made into films or television series. A number of these are well regarded. Many others are not. In the latter case, this is often due to the directors of the given movies having no idea how to convey the stray thoughts and inner monologues of King's characters, which often affect their situations just as much as their actions, into workable scenes — even with input from King himself.

They also tend to suffer from Special Effect Failure. While calling him a "horror writer" grossly understates and undervalues much of his career and work, he undoubtedly remains one of the most important authors in that genre, and many consider him to be the heir to the legacy begun by Edgar Allan Poepassed down to H.

Lovecraft and then to King, with no apparent successor in sight yet. Long typecast as a horror novelist, the success of films like The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Meamong others, have finally earned him some credit as a good writer both within the horror genre and in others as well.

Essays on carrie by stephen king

He is the father of horror author Joe Hilland is purportedly the inspiration for the G. For a list of his works which have pages on the wiki, see Works by Stephen King.

Stephen King's Works in order Carrie - Scrapbook Story about an abused girl with Psychic Powers who takes a terrible revenge at the prom. King's wife stopped him from throwing the manuscript out and convinced him to finish it.

Made into two TV miniseries. King's first visit to the Creepy Small Town, which he keeps coming back to, under a variety of names and states. Notable that his publisher advised him not to have this as his second book, lest he be pigeonholed as a horror novelist.

Guess they got over it. Later tied with The Dark Tower saga. The Shining — Winter spent in a haunted hotel. Cabin fever taken to the extreme. The arguments about which version is "better" have been long and passionate.

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Night Shift — Anthology of short stories, several of which have been adapted into movies: Adapted three times, Disciples of the CrowChildren of the Corn and Children of the Cornwith the second film getting a bunch of sequels as well.

Cat's Eye — Featured three Stephen King stories including two from this anthology: Adapted twice, once as Maximum Overdrive written and directed by King himself, though it turned out so bad he's never done it again and once more-faithfully as Trucks " The Lawnmower Man " — A bit of a special case.

Lawnmower Man was purported to be derived from the Stephen King story but had so little to do with it even citing that there's a lawnmower in both stories is a stretch that King actually took legal action to remove his name from it.

The original title was Cyber God, and the Stephen King title was only brought on board to raise sales. Later adapted into a much more faithful Comic Book story.

A lot of rats From the Stories of Stephen King. Adapted into a TV movie starring Tim Matheson.King's success did not come without hardship.

During the '80s, he fell into severe drug and alcohol abuse, to the point that he claims to have almost no memory of writing eventually got sober and has remained so ever since, and has incorporated the experience into many of his novels since then.

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Essays and criticism on Stephen King - Critical Essays. King occupies an unusual position among modern American writers. He is, first, a phenomenally successful commercial writer: His novels and.

Stephen King's writing is influence by his life experiences, historical events throughout his lifetime, and also share common themes. The second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King, Stephen Edwin King was born in in Portland, Maine.


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