Human resource planning is only marginally

Job applicants are often told to keep their social media pages hidden from potential employers, but apparently most Americans expect their online lives to add weight to hiring decisions. Just over a half

Human resource planning is only marginally

Home Recruitment Sources of recruitment Sources of recruitment There are two broad sources of recruitment — internal and external. A brief description of each source follows: Internal Sources of Recruitment: Existing employees of an organization provide the internal sources in the main.

Whenever any vacancy arises, someone from within the organization is upgraded, transferred, promoted or even demoted. Retrenched employees, retired employees, dependents deceased employees may also constitute the internal sources.

The major internal sources of recruitment are as under. The most important source of filling vacancies from within is through transfers and promotions. A transfer is a lateral movement within the same grade, from one job to another.

They may lead to changes in duties and responsibilities, working conditions, etc. Promotion, on the other hand, involves movement of employees from a lower level position to a higher level position accompanied by usually changes in authority, duties, responsibilities, status and remuneration.

Industrial and Salaried Model of Traditional Human Resource Management

Organizations generally prepare a central pool of persons from which vacancies can be filled in. Job posting is another way of hiring people from within. In job posting, the organization publicizes job openings on bulletin boards, electronic media and similar outlets.

One of the important advantages of this method is that it offers a chance to highly qualified applicants working within the company to look for growth opportunities within the company without looking for external opportunities.

Employee referral means using personal contacts to locate job opportunities. It is a recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant.

Employees working in the organization, in this case, are encouraged to recommend the names of their friends working in other organizations for a possible vacancy in the near future.

In fact, this has become a popular way of recruiting people in the highly competitive IT industry now-a-days.

Human Resource Management Traditional Approach: Processes and Controls

Companies offer rewards also to employees whose recommendations are accepted — after the routine screening and examining process is over and job offers extended to the suggested candidates.

As a goodwill gesture, companies also consider the names recommended by unions from time to time. External Sources of Recruitment: The sources of recruitment that are used to hire people from outside the organization may be many but a few most important among them are discussed below: When an organization desires to communicate to the public that it has a vacancy, advertisement is one of the most popular methods used.

However, the media of advertisement preferred is often determined by the type of job.

Human resource planning is only marginally

As, of fact the higher the position in the organization, the more specialized the skills, or the shorter the supply of the resource in the labor force, the more widely dispersed the advertisement is likely to be. The search for a manager, for example, might include advertisement through internet, in national dailies, specialized journals, etc.

Many organizations prefer what is referred to as a blind advertisement in which identification of the organizations is not disclosed. Respondents are usually asked to reply to a post office box number.

Ten Techniques for Agile Corporate Resource Allocation

This is especially preferred when the position that the organization wishes to fill is expected to draw an extraordinary number of applications. Using the blind ad relieves the organization from having to respond to any individual who applies.

Only those individuals the organization wishes to see are notified; the remaining are not as if the application was never received. This method is appropriate when A the organization intends to reach a large target group and b the organization wants a fairly good number of potential candidates who are geographically dispersed to apply for the advertised vacancies.

In the age of globalization prospective candidates for specialized jobs in large organizations, especially MNCs may be attracted through internet ads. Such ads do have world wide access to highly qualified people having internet connections. Ads in news papers may be published without much of a lead time.

It has flexibility in terms of information and can conveniently target a specific geographic location.

Human resource planning is only marginally

On the negative side, newspaper ads tend to attract only those who are actively seeking employment at that point of time, while some of the best candidates who are well paid and challenged by their current jobs may not be aware of such openings.A major characteristic of the human resource management traditional approach is the focus on functional activities and process orientation.

Traditional human resource management is also control oriented and tries to attain organizational goals by ensuring employees follow the rules and regulations to the letter. The new economics of personnel and human resource management is analysed, including its current prominence as well as its historical antecedents.

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“Human resource planning is only marginally related to strategic HRM” Human resource planning is regarded as the procedure of identifying present and prospect human resource desires for an organization to achieve its goal. 3 major technology-based trends coming affecting HR in allow it to be highly proficient in performing one or a small number of tasks efficiently versus doing numerous things only marginally well.

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