I heart huckabees concept of dasein

I saw it as an incredibly artistic indie film with no substantial meaning to it. I recently watched the film this weekend with my brother, who I discuss philosophy the most with. After watching the film again, I was blown away at how much philosophy was in the film and how accurate it was to the study of philosophy in general. I checked the wikipedia and was disappointed to find that they for the most part disregarded this aspect to the film.

I heart huckabees concept of dasein

I Heart Huckabees is both an absurd film and a film about absurdity. Directed by David O. Russell, the film follows Albert Jason Shwartzman a poetry writing, marsh saving, twenty-something year old in his time of existential crisis.

Albert is exposed to competing philosophies on the meaning of life, or more to the point, in how one should make meaning out of life, through the existential detectives Bernard Dustin Hoffman and Vivienne Lily Tomlin and their rival Caterine Isabelle Huppert. In its basic form the arguments presented are that everything is connected and that nothing is connected.

These ideas form the foundation for the competing philosophical concepts of existentialism and nihilism respectively. Initially he sees his purpose in life parallel his occupational purpose that of saving the environment from the urban sprawl proposed by capitalist conglomerates such as Huckabees.

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However, although he believes this is his ultimate purpose in life, others around him feel he is unsuited to the task and he is stripped of his responsibilities.

Thus his two selves are represented: Albert as he sees himself from the inside and Albert as he is seen from the outside.

I heart huckabees concept of dasein

So how do we know the meaning of our lives? Rather, for existentialists, each individual has the ability to choose for themselves purpose for their own lives. The existential detectives push Albert to explore his own ideas about himself, to re-evaluate his inside view.

To what end does Russell allow Albert to forfeit all meaning in his life and of his life? In the final scene Albert is talking to his friend Tommy Mark Wahlberg.

Philosophy goes to the movies. The Philosopher at the End of the Universe.

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I Heart Huckabees [Motion Picture].I Heart Huckabees Directed by David O. Russell A playful comedy that embraces the spiritual uplift of our connections with others amidst the muck of human separation that characterizes our present-day adventures. Another of Heidegger’s Existential ideas is tossed about in I (Heart) Huckabees, though not as defined as the illusions to Dasein.

When Tommy (Mark Wahlberg) and Albert (Jason Schwartzman), meet the French nihilist, Caterine (Isabelle Huppert), she introduces Heidegger’s concept of authenticity and inauthenticity.

Jun 01,  · I Heart Huckabees is an existential comedy starring; Jason Schwartzman, Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law and Lily Tomlin, just to name a few (iridis-photo-restoration.com, Inc., ).

The main philosophical issue that is raised in this movie, is existentialism and the meaning of life. I Heart Huckabees: Concept of Dasein This is one of my attempts to highlight a few of the connections between the thought provoking scenes of this movie and the Existential movement in 19th and 20th century Philosophy.

I heart huckabees concept of dasein

I Heart Huckabees. Posted on May 6, by antilogicalism under Psychology. His consideration of human beings as Dasein, or being-in-the-world, redefines questions of self and psychology as questions of living and philosophy.

Anxiety or Angst is a core concept in existential philosophy, which sees it as the basic ingredient of vitality. Dasein is a being-in-the-world and Dasein needs to recognize the things around itself for its future, for Dasein is a temporal thing. It relates the object, to the Dasein, in relation to the World.

It must include the world in its ontology.

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