I need help writing an epic poem

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I need help writing an epic poem

Colored pencils or markers What You Do: Choose an epic hero.

i need help writing an epic poem

He can either choose himself, a family member, or a god or goddess from ancient history. His epic hero must be charged with a task.

He can guard something, learn something, or search for something as he endures his epic journey, but there should be some purpose to his adventure. They are usually mythical creatures, with special powers, but the decision is up to him.

He should his use his imagination to come up with a unique plot and characters. Ask him to outline his epic poem according to the three phases: Brainstorm ideas about why your epic hero needs to leave home, what he is going to encounter along the journey, and how he will successfully complete the quest.

i need help writing an epic poem

Now it's time for him to begin writing his epic! The structure, length, and style are entirely up to him. When he's all done, invite him to decorate the borders of the epic poem with drawings of the characters or setting. Writing an epic story or poem can be especially helpful for kids who might be experiencing a hard time or facing a move to a new city or state.

You can encourage your child to make the poem an allegory for adolescence or middle school. Your child can write a poem that also has a secret sentence hidden within the words of the poem.Ask students to write a definition for epic poetry, and to give at least one example of a traditional epic poem, such as The Iliad.

Ask students to fill in the right side of the chart with the corresponding information from an example of a story that follows the epic hero cycle.

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Get an answer for 'Beowulf Essay - help!I need help writing a paper. It's on Beowulf, the epic, I need to write a character sketch of him which doesn't have plot retelling. I'm completely stuck. An epic poem is a long narrative that tells of an epic hero's journey.

Many famous works are epic poems, including Homer's "The Odyssey" and Virgil's "The Aeneid." There is no required rhyme or meter for an epic poem, which may make the form more approachable for some writers. Epic Poem Traditionally, an epic poem is a long, serious, poetic narrative about a significant event, often featuring a hero.

Before the development of writing, epic poems were memorized and played an important part in maintaining a record of the great deeds and history of a culture. May 19,  · How to Write an Epic Poem.

Part of the series: How To Become a Writer. Writing an epic poem involves no rules, just laying out thoughts, feelings, desires an. Sep 10,  · Hey so for English we have to write a poem basically bragging about yourself. So you have to talk about who your parents are,where you came from, and achievements.

Can u read what I have so far and help me add to it and make it iridis-photo-restoration.com it has to be in Anglo-Saxon style similar to the epic poem Beowulf.

Poem: I, destiny .

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