Land acquisition a problem to land

History[ edit ] The Land Acquisition Act, was a British era law [9] that governed the process of land acquisition in India until and continues to do so in Pakistan and Myanmar. The Government of India believed that a combined law was necessary, one that legally requires rehabilitation and resettlement necessarily and simultaneously follow government acquisition of land for public purposes. Moreover, no one can challenge the reasonableness of the restriction imposed by any law the legislature made to deprive the person of his property. State must pay compensation at the market value for such land, building or structure acquired Inserted by Constitution, Seventeenth Amendment Act,the same can be found in the earlier rulings when property right was a fundamental right such as AIRSCRwhich propounded that the word "Compensation" deployed in Article 31 2 implied full compensation, that is the market value of the property at the time of the acquisition.

Land acquisition a problem to land

Here are some of the criteria use for siting schools: Size, geography, and location. We have been building multistory schools that require less land however, we still need enough usable land for playing fields, parking, and busing.

We also favor locations that will do the most to relieve overcrowding or accommodate future growth. Is the land available for purchase?

The district and other public agencies may exercise what is called the right of eminent domain, which allows a government or its agent, with payment of compensation, to appropriate private property for public use.

However, we view this as a last resort when we conclude that we have no other viable option. Further, eminent domain actions often result in a lengthy legal process that could take years to resolve. This not only delays the building of a needed school, but also increases the cost to build it.

When we assess a piece of property we need to consider how it impacts traffic in the neighborhood and whether or not we can run our school buses on efficient routes. Finally, Land acquisition a problem to land would like to acknowledge that all of us have had the experience of driving by a property that once was a stand of trees that has been cleared for development.

It is unsettling to us too. However, the Growth Management Act has created a definitive boundary within which residential and commercial development can occur. This preserves our rural forests and protects our hillsides so that we, and future generations, can enjoy them.

Newly built campuses like Clark Elementary opened over capacity this fall. As good stewards of tax dollars, the district builds and expands schools to keep pace with the number of students it serves.

While we very carefully predict and plan for growing enrollment and we have an exceptionally accurate track record for predicting enrollment, even in one of the fastest growing districts in the statewe do not build excess capacity for several reasons.

Foremost, we are a service agency, and our funding model is structured around students we currently serve.

Developer impact fees are collected and bond dollars are expended as the growth actually occurs. Otherwise, our operations budget—which funds classroom learning—would be negatively impacted by paying overhead costs for under-capacity buildings.

In the past, we have attempted to purchase land in anticipation of growth years out; in the most current example of that, King County changed its land-use rules, making our large piece of property in May Valley unusable. The Bond funded upgrading and expanding the capacity at existing schools.

We have been working hard to keep up with capacity demand! The district must complete an extensive process that identifies and analyzes environmental impacts of an action, such as constructing a school building.

This review helps agencies, decision makers, and the public understand how building a school may impact the environment.

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For example, the health of tree stands or landslides would be a factor considered under a SEPA Review. Assessment of trees and geotechnical issues cannot be fully examined until a property owner grants access to a property - generally after a purchase agreement is in place.

What is an impervious surface and how does that relate to school facilities? Permeable surfaces, also known as pervious surfaces, allow water to percolate into the soil.

Land acquisition problems in China ' adopting land acquisition act -

Impervious surfaces are not permeable and do not allow water to pass through. Parking lots are an example of an impervious surface. However, when it comes to schools, it is important to understand that play fields are considered impervious—the same as a parking lot!

That is why the District asks for code changes that allow us to have a larger percentage of what is considered an impervious surface, so that we can accommodate our play and athletic fields.

Other features of a compact school may include underground parking or other design elements that decrease the amount of land we need for the school. However, it means different things to different people and regions. It often brings with it visions of skyscraper schools with no play or athletic fields, no bus loops, or parent drop off spaces.

That is not what the Issaquah School District intends to build. We want schools that are efficient and encourage walking, but we still design to allow for safe busing and student pick up and drop off.ISID Discussion Notes Land Acquisition Issues 5 b.

Social Impact Analysis would be compulsory if / of more families are being displaced in plains/tribal areas; c. Rehabilitation before displacement; d. Land for Land as compensation, if possible; e. Skill development programmes; f.

Land protection in all areas of the National Park System is executed in accordance with the enabling act of each unit, appropriation act requirements, and provisions of other applicable legislation.

The land acquisition process includes multiple planning and compliance steps and is dependent on the.

Land acquisition a problem to land

What are the major problems in the land acquisition in India and why is it so negative for rural people/farmers?

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Land acquisition a problem to land

Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Sayak Dutta, In land acquisition in india the major problem is insufficient compensation paid by govt. As per land acquisition act govt. Pay market price multiplied by factor then %. The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, (also Land Acquisition Act, ) is an Act of Indian Parliament that regulates land acquisition and lays down the procedure and rules for granting compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement to the affected persons in India.


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2 Introduction Land acquisition has become the most vexing problem for policy makers in India. Names like Singur, Nandigram, Kalinganagar, Jaitapur and Bhatta Parsaul have entered our lexicon as.

Land ownership is an emotional issue in India for historical reasons. Pre-independence, most of the privately held lands were owned by feudal landlords, known as zamindars. The tillers who cultivated these lands for crops lived in extreme poverty.

Land acquisition in India - Wikipedia