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Wildfires need not be disastrous This is from the NYT, no less.

Paper writing service blog runner

The Dumpster Ever since I told my therapist that my grandparents were Holocaust survivors, the concept of transgenerational trauma has become a recurring theme during our sessions —— mostly because I am fascinated by it.

AKA, the trauma was so damn bad it done got into the genetics and made us crazy.

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Ok, so maybe this is the reason my mom put me in therapy when I was five years old. Ok, I have fears. I definitely have anxiety. But, the thing that trumps God, can we even still use this word anymore?

I bury my fear in productivity and I get high on problem-solving techniques. I plowed through a whole breakup by systematically redecorating my apartment until all that was left of my ex was the dark purple wall he insisted on painting.

Faced with more than a few anxiety-inducing obstacles recently, I posed the theory that since I am a descendant of Holocaust SURVIVORS, could it be possible that my transgenerational trauma has manifested itself in the survivor part?

Sure, it is possible. This is all a very long and philosophical way of me telling you about how I accidentally threw my keys into the dumpster earlier this week.

This was at the end of a very long and productive day, the end of which involved me taking out the trash I collected by cleaning out the fridge.

I hurled all my keys into the dumpster with the Vons paper bag of old food and two empty La Croix boxes. Sheer panic set in. I tried poking one of the La Croix boxes I had tossed and immediately heard my keys, all my keys, fall deeper into the dumpster.

Like, I heard them hit the metal floor. There was no way I could reach them now.

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There was definitely a point where I could have, had I not blindly tried to touch things in the dumpster, but now… Is this when I give up on my keys?

I thought to myself. Should I just get all new keys in the morning? I had a pit in my stomach.

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My boyfriend was not home. I was on my own. Things were looking bleak.

paper writing service blog runner

This was not the relaxing evening I had planned after my much-needed massage. I was about to give up when my survivalist instinct kicked in. I ran back upstairs, never more grateful for not locking the door, and grabbed my phone.

I made sure to grab my extra set of house keys and bolted back out to the dumpster. I climbed up on the platform where it sits, the sides and lip of the dumpster covered in unidentified stickiness now transferred to my hands.🔥Citing and more!

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Task Card Corner: Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards!

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Task Card Corner: Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards!