Pride and poverty

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Pride and poverty

Times of Success Repeated success can make one proud. After all, everything is going well and it seems that you can do no wrong. Over time, pride can get the better of you by making you complacent.

This is especially so if good times or times of ease follow your success. But bad times follow good times as surely as day follows night.

As tempting as it is, we cannot assume that things will always go well. Such an attitude can cause us to be unprepared to manage a sudden change in fortune. Positions of Power and Responsibility To rule is to serve.

But it is easy to forget this when you hold a position of power and responsibility. Power can corrupt and pride can get the better of you. Over time, you might think that you are entitled to certain privileges because things would collapse without you.

Instead of putting the interests Pride and poverty others first, you may end up putting your own interests first. But the higher you climb, the more drastic your fall can be. After all, when you have reached the top, the only way left is down. Proud by Firehawk77 The Dangers of Pride and Arrogance Having seen the conditions where pride can grow and thrive, what then are the dangers of pride?

Complacency Repeated success dulls your sharpness and makes you complacent. There is less incentive to be alert and careful with your approach and methods when things are going your way. After all, if it is not broken, why fix it?

Pride and poverty

But here lies the danger. An approach might work for one set of conditions but not another. If you become less than thorough in your plans and execution of your methods due to pride in your ability, it could lead to trouble.

Careless and Needless Mistakes During times of adversity when you struggle for survival, there is no room for pride. As such, your methods, forged in the trials of hardship and necessity, are the best.

You would quickly discard methods that do not work and keep those that do. But pride can cause you to make careless and needless mistakes due to a lack of prudence.

You may trust too much in your ability or underestimate the situation. As such, you may not be as thorough or as cautious as you used to be. This lack of caution can lead to a disastrous turn of events. Loss of Awareness Pride can insulate one from well-meaning advice. The last thing a proud person would want to hear is something that cuts him or her down to size.

The very idea that they can be wrong or make a mistake is sacrilegious. To utter such words is blasphemy! Proud people live high up in their ivory towers. They are unaware of all that happens in the realm of mortals.

When unpleasant truths confront them, they either filter them out completely or hear and see selectively.

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This loss of awareness will bring about their downfall sooner than later. Alienate People One of the worst things about pride is that it can alienate people. Making boastful claims or boasting about your success, connections and power will not endear people to you.

Also, it will not do your relationships any good if you hog all the credit for yourself. Such actions will only create resentment and turn people against you.

Proud people often find themselves without friends or support. This state of affairs can hardly turn out well for them.This summer, Dave Ramsey of The Dave Ramsey Show and Financial Peace University is joining us for a five-week series! He’ll teach us how to handle our finances God’s way as he shows us what the Bible has to say about money.

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The Alternative is a must read. Mauricio essentially calls on a Fundamental shift on how we deliver monies to those in poverty. He calls funders, those in higher positions in congress, to change congressional protocol and policies so that monies can be delivered directly to the people The alternative is somewhat a simple solution to an otherwise complex situation.

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“Gawad Kalinga,” translated in English means to “give care”, is a Philippine-based movement that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor. Pride and Poverty: A Report on San Antonio. Partnership for Hope, Inc., San Antonio, TX. This publication offers a portrait of poverty in San Antonio (Texas) based on an analysis of available statistical data and focusing on health, education, employment, housing, and human services.