Prostitution should not be legalized

Raymond, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International CATWMarch 25, Summary The following arguments apply to all state-sponsored forms of prostitution, including but not limited to full-scale legalization of brothels and pimping, decriminalization of the sex industry, regulating prostitution by laws such as registering or mandating health checks for women in prostitution, or any system in which prostitution is recognized as "sex work" or advocated as an employment choice. As countries are considering legalizing and decriminalizing the sex industry, we urge you to consider the ways in which legitimating prostitution as "work" does not empower the women in prostitution but does everything to strengthen the sex industry. Legalization of prostitution and decriminalization of the sex Industry increases child prostitution.

Prostitution should not be legalized

WhatsApp What is the fate of an illiterate mother who is abandoned by her drunkard husband? What is the fate of a young girl from one of the most downtrodden villages of our country, promised with a fake job? What is the fate of an uneducated woman from north-east coming to a city, who has a family to feed?

There should be no law prohibiting sexual activity between 2 consenting adults.

What is the fate of a wretched newborn girl-child deserted by the woman who gave birth to her? We find these circumstances unceremonious and reprehensible.

We curse prostitutes for being shameless and blatant. How could anyone seek money for sex? How can they sustain a barefaced morality? But wait, lets contemplate.

Do we know about the plight of these unfortunates and the wrath they face every moment of their survival? Neither can we answer these questions, nor can we feel that inescapable and intangible tribulation.

There is none to take responsibility of their existence but innumerable to raise voice against. A woman has to suffer for the pleasure of men to be rewarded with eternal torture and misery.

India is a country where every hour four women and girls enter into the profession of prostitution, three of them against their will. Housing the most notorious red-light areas, our country has a population of around 2.

Poverty and illiteracy are the root causes which drives women into this filthy profession. Looking deep into the various rationale behind this scenario we can find diverse reasons associated with it. Ill treatment by parents, viz.

Most of them are compelled to enter into prostitution to earn for living. Besides, impoverished villagers are often incapable of providing reliable grooms to their girls, which leads to their early desertion.

Sometimes there is pressure on women from tribal families to rescue them from debt-bondage. Prostitution is different from adultery: Lack of sex-education, economic under-development, sexual molestation and rape are the reasons elaborating the premier reasons for this lewd occupation.

Many pitiful women emerge into cities in search of a respectable job, but many of them are denied so, forced to become call girls, bar dancers or escorts, to live a life of slavery and torment.

Although the human rights crisis of millions of sex-workers is a major issue worldwide, India continues to be a failure judicially and legislatively. Illegal money and slavery has to be curbed and not augmented:Prostitution Should be Illegal Prostitution should be cleaned off our streets.

It first started in the early ’s.

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Prostitution is defined as providing sexual service, for the return of money. Aug 29,  · In Germany, where prostitution was legalized in , the industry has exploded. It is estimated that one million men pay to use , girls and women every day.

Sex tourists are pouring in, supporting “ mega-brothels ” up to 12 stories high. Prostitution Should Be Legalized Some say prostitution is the world 's oldest profession. Yet, only a small percentage of the world’s government allows it.

The legalization of prostitution is a very controversial topic due to many people’s moral beliefs. Prostitution is a job few want and often a last resort for those systemically disenfranchised by society: women and minorities, and this is a norm in the profession I am totally against.

Granted, there are benefits in legalizing prostitution such as tax revenue for states and an increase in job safety for the women and men willing to provide.

Prostitution should not be legalized

Legal Prostitution Could Help Us Fight Against Human-Trafficking. Another important reason why prostitution should be legalized is because it could be a potential solution to fight human trafficking.

Top 10 Reasons Prostitution Should Be Legalized Prostitution is a complex issue that has been the subject of intense debates in many countries for many years now. To a large extent, the focus of these debates has been upon the legalization of this what they called “the world’s oldest profession”.

5 Reasons why prostitution SHOULD NOT be legalized