Superman and me essay

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Superman and me essay

Brian Bernard Running Head: Superman and Me overcame several challenges at his early years to become a great writer. He wrote the article under analysis in this paper with the purposes of informing his readers the challenges arise yet to teach people something, not for them to give up in front of them.

The author started learning how to read at the age of three, and his love of books was derived from adoration for his father. Superman and me essay story in this article aims at inspiring, since it is still possible to make the dreams come true through adversities, even if one comes from a poor family.

Superman and me essay

Superman and Me — Sherman Alexie — was born in India, at a time when this country had a less fortunate fate Alexie,p.

The Indians were condemned to a mediocre life of plight and poverty. Despite the adversities the Indian people were going through, Sherman Alexie was able to teach himself how to read.

Despite being in a community where everybody was expected to fail, he beat the odds and became a well known writer.

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His father loved to read and started purchasing second hand books and bringing them home. Sherman Alexie firmly maintains that, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we should thrive to improving ourselves and beating the odds against us.

Being an Indian living in a reservation, he was expected to fail or become a mediocre student. Alexie was a child who loved his father, so he inherited the interest in books as well. Soon he realized that the texts contained in these fences came together to bring out an idea McQuade,p.

The future writer was reading more advanced books in kindergarten, while other children struggled with basics. According to Alexie, a smart Indian was a pariah to both Indians and non-Indians. He refused to be a failure and his passion for reading and writing only grew stronger.

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Although he had limited reading materials, Sherman started reading everything that contained the text Alexie,p. He acknowledged that he was reading with both joy and desperation, and the need got greater. Sherman attests to the situation he was in while in a young age, and how he persevered himself despite the negative forces from his peers and the non-Indian world.

Resigning to a label or stereotype is foolish and counter-productive, and one should always strive to improve themselves. Allowing circumstances to run the course of our lives is a grave mistake, which should not be entertained. Selflessness and confidence are the key components of beating the odds and breaking loose from the shackles of circumstances.

Sherman had less than little to start with, but made the most of what he could get to become a respected writer. His story is familiar to many children, who were brought up in less than ideal homes where poverty was a common factor.

Despite giving in to the seemingly damning fate, people should push through the shortages and rewrite their future McQuade,p.

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In the readings under analysis, The Joy of Reading and Writing: The language Sherman Alexie uses is fairly simple and most readers would have an easy time in deciphering the texts. However, I noticed a few unnecessary repetitions the author uses when trying to explain the number of reading materials he used to read.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading the article. The writer regrets that just a few teachers visited the schools in reservations as he was a child. Now that Sherman Alexie himself is a competent writer, he often makes as many trips as he possibly can to the reservation to teach the kids.

During his visits to the reservation, he has seen children writing own poetry and growing in the craft of writing. The joy of reading and writing: A pool of readings.A definition essay is not a complicated type of task, but if a student finds it hard for any reasons, he/she may contact professional online writing service to let it solve a homework assignment on any topic..

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“The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” Reading “The Joy of reading and Writing: Superman and Me,” gave me a different perspective of reading and writing.

Sherman Alexie, who grew up on the Spokane Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, explains his life as an Indian boy, and how reading and writing helped his life to succeed. Summary of “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie The story Superman and me was written by Sherman Alexie.

This short story is about the Sherman Alexie’s life as an Indian boy living on the Spokane Indian Reserve in eastern Washington State and how reading and writing greatly affected his life.

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