The truth behind the privacy of social media

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The truth behind the privacy of social media

Contribute In the past week, thousands of people have reacted with emotion to a video showing a young black woman being tortured by several lighter-skinned men. In reality, however, this footage was actually recorded in Brazil. After several blows, the woman seems to lose consciousness and starts convulsing.

Seeing how hurt she is, the men then to lift her up into a sitting position and keep her from going under. In the screengrabs that we have used, we have blurred the face of the victim of this violent attack. Dozens of people sent the Observers this video on social media. Almost everyone who shared the footage claimed that the attack on the young woman was a racist act carried out by Arabic, Chinese or Indian men.

He took to Facebook to share this video on March 13,writing in French: Look at how our African women are treated by Indians. I am begging you. Please to find these sons of dogs. On March 12,he shared the video on Facebook, writing [in French]: Look at the work carried out by the Chinese in Cameroon.

They kidnap little girls [and] take them into the bush to kill them. The video of the young girl who is killed by men [sic]. I want you to share this video with all of your contacts so that the entire world knows that is going on in my country, Cameroon, [with] unpunished murders.

One viewer posted on the Observers Facebook group on March 12,writing [in French]: Apparently, this took place in Cameroon.

The truth behind the privacy of social media

Could you verify if this is authentic? The men in the video speak Brazilian Portuguese with an accent typical of the southeastern part of the country, according to several native Brazilians consulted by the FRANCE 24 Observers team.

Then, the men start speaking to the convulsing victim: The image above shows several screengrabs from the video. A local Brazilian press agency shared this footage, and while the Brazilian press agency was unable to establish the details of this incident, it did report that the video was filmed in Brazil.

Video leads to widespread denunciations of racism This video has been viewed more than 60, times since March 8. I will show you a video where a young African girl is shamefully murdered in cold blood in an Arabic country.

In his video commentary, Guy claims that the young woman is African and that she was beaten up by a group of Saudi men in a potato field in Saudi Arabia. The friend claimed that he had got the video from another friend living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

On several occasions, videos shot in Brazil showing gang fighting have been shared on African social media by viewers claiming that the videos show racist attacks.Teen social media users are more likely than other online teens who do not use social media to say they have refrained from sharing content due to reputation concerns (61% vs.

39%). Large numbers of youth have lied about their age in order to gain access to websites and online accounts. Meaning and narrative: Jux closes and exposes the truth behind the consumer exchange.

Social media site Jux is shutting down.I am not surprised. The image-focused blogging platform was aesthetically engaging, but perhaps not differentiated from image-heavy WordPress themes or Tumblr.

Ben Swann knows how to cut through the mainstream narratives and bring real news to people all over the world through his project Truth In Media.

Ben Swann is an Edward R. Murrow and Emmy award-winning investigative journalist with more than 20 years of experience as a .

The Truth Behind Those Balcony Photos of Nikki Bella and This Stud and device data to send me tailored email and other offers through social media or other sites and apps.

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by sending email. The thing about social media is, you never really know what lies behind the picture. Unless, of course, you have direct access to the person who posted it.

Thanks to H Collective, a digital community of creators, we got to sit down with Instagram Influencer Charly Jordan (whose account has exploded.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook on Wednesday warned the world’s most powerful regulators that the poor privacy practices of some tech companies, the ills of social media and the erosion of trust. Feb 04,  · Watch video · The female cyborg has long been a pop culture fixation, but now feminized tech is all around us, with a true blurring of reality and fantasy. Social media, when used correctly is a way to keep in touch with people all over the world, see what your friends are doing and find out news faster than ever before. It can and is often abused, but the basic principals which it was formed upon are still used and are much more important than the .

5,plus retweets, and the news stories start coming. The Angel of Kobane is born. Second Death On Social Media. A couple of weeks later, the photo of the smiling ISIS fighter and the decapitated female head reappears on Twitter.

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